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“Be Unique” Pride Stickers

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TransGlitterUs offers reflective LGBTQI+ stickers. Our brand-spanking new range of decals are ready to take PRIDE of place on your laptop, car bumper, phone case, desk – basically any inanimate or consenting animate object you can think of.

These decals are vinyl-based with a gloss finish, and UV resistant. They're ready to show pride through rain or shine!


Potential surfaces on which to affix beautifully gloss finish pride flag stickers:

-Notebooks, phones, laptops

-Doors, bathroom mirrors, fridges

-On that pass-agg note your housemate left about dishes

-Your friends' faces (get consent first pls)

-Your cat (not recommended, yet worth trying?)


Choose from 4 different style; Rainbow Lips, Transgender Heart, Lesbian Lipstick Heart, Rainbow Heart

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