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TransGlitterUs is a fellowship devoted to developing human potential. Our mission is to help Transgender Women by offering innovative solutions that helps them to make informed choices to improve their lives. Our aim is to motivate and encourage them to boost their confidence to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment. Our highest priority is to support Transgender Women with gender dysphoria, and/or those in transition, or have transitioned medically. We offer our guidance at no cost to you.


If your next retail therapy (aka shopping trip) is coming up or you need a “personal stylist”, going out for a catch-up or just want to come to our lovely office for a coffee (“Nespresso, what else” only) and have a chat, TransGlitterUs is offering personalised meetings, providing authentic support on fashion, beauty, and real-life scenarios in a safe and welcoming environment to help to build self-confidence while encouraging social interaction.

Our office is located in Callala Bay, NSW 2540 and has a comfortable, safe, calm and happy atmosphere. You can come alone or bring someone with you. Our sessions are not strictly time limit like old boring doctors and counselling service providers. We are very flexible and will not cut you off just because “time’s up”.

TransGlitterUs can help show everyone that we no longer need to congregate in the privacy of our homes or online and that you can get out to enjoy life.

Together we can make a difference; not just in your own life but to all those around you i.e. family, partners, friends, and allies within a great atmosphere.

We are all people too, our lives are just as important as anyone else’s.

Our motto is:
Together, we believe that the best in each of us, enriches all of us. “Life is too short to live without Glitter”.

So ladies prepare to rock your everlasting TransGlitter!!!

Click below to book, email us on or just give us a call on (02) 4446 5736