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About us

TransGlitterUs is a Partnership that has created a service providing Help, Support & Advice for Transgender Women in their journey of transitioning, or even for those who are confident and comfortable within themselves and just want to get out of the house. We offer our guidance at no cost to you. Our brand concept consisting of both Make-Up products and accessories utilizing multiple channels of distribution. Whether you are just embarking on your journey and you are full of uncertainties, fears, or you are socially adjusted and settled into the day to day routine, we are here to lend you a helping hand. We know that you have an active lifestyle and you are concerned about social and environmental issues. Mind and body wellness are important to you, as you belong to the female gender. The effects of transitioning, aging and the maintenance of a youthful appearance are a part of your life. We can help you achieve this through understanding your needs by using high-quality and affordable Make-Up products. We will have Make-Up demonstrations at our office and/or any group opportunities which could arise, to show how to achieve inner beauty, while having compassion. It is our aim to sell Make-Up products that have not been tested on animals during any stage of development, from materials used, the packaging, to the finished product. We want to make everyone feel beautiful and unique, just like Glitter, and our brand of Make-Up will reflect this. Our business name was a good way to incorporate our commitment to Transgender Women and understanding of their beauty from inside out. TransGlitterUs is 100% Australian owned and operated and is registered as a Partnership Ltd between Gabby and Irene, the founders. We believe that we are unique in our commitment and promotion of human practices, and that we endeavour to reach all generations of the Transgender Community
we are here for you

Gabby, founder

First and Foremost. “I’m a proud Transgender Woman, who has all the time in the world for anyone under the Rainbow Umbrella.”
“I love to be just me, being happy covered in Glitter each and every day.” Gabby was born in NSW and raised all over Australia. She has completed several Frontline Retail Management courses as well as volunteering her time to many good causes along her journey.
Gabby is calm, funny, and always ready to listen. She loves a good shopping trip (retail therapy!), chatting about and sharing life experiences. She has a close connection with the “Shoalhaven Sexual Health Service” in Port Kembla, as that is where her journey began. “My journey has been challenging but rewarding at the same time. I’m embracing my adventure and hope to share it with all of you.”
we are here for you

Irene, founder

Irene Nobel was born in Brazil but grew up in Switzerland. She moved to Australia in 2008. She attended TAFE as well as Kaplan Business School and successfully completed her Accounting Degree and MBA in 2016.
Irene is open minded, calm, has great depth of listening and understanding of other people’s needs. Her passion is to help others in anyway and being under the LGBTQI+ community umbrella itself, has given her the opportunity to see where support is needed and she is able to make a difference.
Gabby and Irene have 20 years of combined experience in the retail management and support industry and are a happy couple in personal life.