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What do I take to Mardi Gras?

What do I take to Mardi Gras?

What do I take to Mardi Gras?

Are you planning on going to the 44th annual Sydney Mardi Gras on Saturday March 5? Are you a regular or is it your first time?

This year, you'll be one in over 6500 marchers celebrating love and pride with over 160 spectacular floats and a star-studded line-up of entertainers - do you have FOMO, yet? 

Due to COVID, the infamous Pride Parade has moved from Oxford Street to the Sydney Cricket Ground. With this, it raises a few extra questions - 'what can and can't I bring?' So, without further adieu, here are the approved essentials you need to make the most and best of your day. 

1. Hand Sanitiser & Mask

Mardi Gras attracts thousands of people throughout the two weeks, especially for the major event - the parade. Make sure you carry some hand sanitiser, and it is recommended by Mardi Gras Sydney that you wear a mask.

2. Cash & Card

Although Mardi Gras accepts cash, cashless is the way to go (and preferred). A great way to minimise the risk of losing your card is to load it onto your phone - tap and go! 

3. A bag

Grab yourself a light-weight (but on-theme), easy-to-wear bag that is no larger than an A3-size (297mm x 420mm). Weather in Sydney in March can be unpredictable whether you're running high on life, you might still need a jumper/cardigan, toiletries 

TransGlitterUs Sequin Drawstring backpack

We suggest our sequin drawstring bag, shop it here.

4. Pride Representation
Whether you identify as LGBTQI+ or are an ally, wear your pride - loud and proud! The more sparkles, glitters, diamantes', flags the better! We're talking as an outfit, hair and glitter makeup, top to tail, this is your moment to shine!
Sophie Hannah Glitter Makeup
Image: Sophie Hannah: Glitter makeup

Or, wrap yourself in pride! Shop our large pride flags or Handheld pride flags.

TransGlitterUs Large Pride Flag    TransGlitterUs handheld pride flag
Image credit: Anna Shvets

5. Refillable Drink Bottle

Food and drink aren't allowed to be taken into the event but there are vendors to purchase from. Save on bottled water (and rubbish) by packing an eco-friendly refillable drink bottle. Want to go flashy? Check out our Love is Love Wish light bottle - have you seen a more perfect bottle for the occasion?

TransGlitterUs Love is Love Wish Light Water Bottle
6. A respectful, all-inclusive and fun attitude 

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is an iconic event, full of art, culture, remembering, exhilaration, mourning and celebration for the LGBTQI+ community. Those who attend need to be respectful of others. Be ready to see some weird and wonderful things with an open mind and fun for all at the forefront! Make sure you take heaps of snaps and be sure to tag @TransGlitterUs on Facebook & Instagram to reshare your costumes and looks!


Did you know Mardi Gras is for everyone. It brings together 8-year-olds to 80-year-olds! They have a family friendly viewing stand where you and your entire family can unite and celebrate!

To help you with your last minute Mardi Gras prep, we are offering FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING for orders $50 and over.

A couple of extra things to note -

- You need to be, and prove, that you are double vaccinated 
- Security will check your bags (just incase you're planning to sneak a flask!)

Want to go but haven't got your tickets yet? There are B-Reserve tickets left for as littler as $10 but get in quick, they will soon be sold out! Book them here.

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